Fredericton Music Festival


The National Music Festival took place online August 6-13, 2022 - RESULTS


Recommended to Nationals:

Junior Original Composition – Onkit Saha

Intermediate Voice – Murial Falkenstein

Intermediate Original Composition – Murial Falkenstein

Intermediate Strings – Daniel Zhang

Advanced Strings – Vivian Ni    * 1st Place Emerging Artist Stream

Advanced Piano – Adèle LeBlanc



Intermediate Piano – Maggie Zheng

Advanced Piano – Vivian Ni




The 2022 New Brunswick Provincial Music Festival, the 50th anniversary, took place May 30 - June 4, on the campus of Mount Allison University, Sackville. 

The Fredericton Music Festival is pleased to announce our representatives and alternates as recommended by their adjudicators for Provincials this year. Provincial placements are shown in parenthesis.

Junior Piano – Jingyao Qi (1st)Xinyao Qi (2nd); alternate Fred Lu 

Junior Strings – Jillian Zhang (2nd), Lilly Wood (3rd); alternate Daniela Vivas

Junior Voice – Elizabeth Harper, Georgy Kreidi; alternate Aurelien Jacomelli

Junior Musical Theatre – Georgy Kreidi (3rd)

Junior Brass – James Farhoud-Watt (2nd) 

Junior Original Composition – Onkit Saha (1st)

Junior Chamber Group – La Musica – Daniel Zhang, Jillian Zhang, Tyler Shang (2nd)


Intermediate Piano – Maggie Zheng (3rd), Christian Vanicek; alternate Kailai Zhang

Intermediate Voice – Muriel Falkenstein (1st), Augusta Downey (2nd);                                                                                alternate Janet Kreidi

Intermediate Canadian Composer – Muriel Falkenstein (1st)

Intermediate Original Composition – Muriel Falkenstein (1st)

Intermediate Musical Theatre – Janet Kreidi, Muriel Falkenstein; alternate Sasha Mais


Senior Piano – Vivian Ni (2nd) 

Senior Strings – Vivian Ni (1st), Gerry Zhang (2nd); alternates Nina Cruz, Maggie Zheng

Senior Voice – Samantha Fullerton (3rd)

School Jazz Band – Leo Hayes High School Jazz Band (1st) 


Representing other festivals:

Nackawic - Intermediate Strings - Daniel Zhang (1st), John Benigno (3rd) 

Saint John - Advanced Piano - Adèle LeBlanc (1st)

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