The 2022 New Brunswick Provincial Music Festival, the 50th anniversary, will take place May 30 - June 4, on the campus of Mount Allison University, Sackville. Solo and small group classes will be held in person; choirs, orchestras and bands virtually.

The Fredericton Music Festival is pleased to announce our representatives and alternates as recommended by their adjudicators for Provincials this year. 


Junior Piano – Xinyao Qi, Jingyao Qi; alternate Fred Lu 

Junior Strings – Jillian Zhang, Lilly Wood; alternate Daniela Vivas

Junior Voice – Elizabeth Harper, Georgy Kreidi; alternate Aurelien Jacomelli

Junior Musical Theatre – Georgy Kreidi

Junior Brass – James Farhoud-Watt

Junior Original Composition – Onkit Saha

Junior Chamber Group – La Musica – Daniel Zhang, Jillian Zhang, Tyler Shang


Intermediate Piano – Christian Vanicek, Maggie Zheng; alternate Kailai Zhang

Intermediate Voice – Muriel Falkenstein, Augusta Downey; alternate Janet Kreidi

Intermediate Canadian Composer – Muriel Falkenstein

Intermediate Original Composition – Muriel Falkenstein

Intermediate Musical Theatre – Janet Kreidi, Muriel Falkenstein; alternate Sasha Mais


Senior Piano – Vivian Ni

Senior Strings – Vivian Ni, Gerry Zhang; alternates Nina Cruz, Maggie Zheng

Senior Voice – Samantha Fullerton

School Jazz Band – Leo Hayes High School Jazz Band 


The National Music Festival will take place online August 6-13, 2022.



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