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2020 Syllabus
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  • Each Teacher needs to make their own profile

    • Need to share info with parents of their students

  • Parents need to make a profile

    • Need teacher ID to register their children

    • Need to create a profile for their children as well

  • Alternatively, Students can make their own profile but need their parents and teachers’ ID

    • Entrants under 18 years of age need to be linked to a Parent Profile.

    • All Entrants need to be linked to a Teacher Profile, unless they are Self-Taught.


If you are entering multiple groups in this year's Music Festival, please be sure to register each unique group as a separate 'Participant'.


For example: Connaught St. School has one music teacher who would like to enter 3 different groups in classes:- Grade 1 Choir, Grade 2 Choir and Grade 3 Choir. For each of these unique choirs, the teacher should proceed to the 'Register Participant' page and complete each group profile - making sure that each group has its own unique name (i.e. Connaught St. School Grade 1 Choir).

Then, the teacher should select each participant separtely and proceed to the Ádd Class' page to add all classes for that one particular participant. We realize that this procedure is a bit tedious, but this is how the software is set up to function best.


Please DO NOT register the school name as one participant and enter different groups' classes under the school name.


A new program will be used for Online Registration this year.  It requires 5 digit class numbers.  In the original version of the syllabus posted online and the published version placed on sale, the class numbers are only 4 digits.  The latest version includes 5 digit class numbers as required for online registration.  A "0" was added to the front of all class numbers.

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