Fredericton Music Festival

2019 Syllabus
Rules and Regulations
2019 Syllabus
Solo Classes
2019 Syllabus
Small Group Classes
2019 Syllabus
Large Group Classes


  • ARCT Piano – Complete Work class added
  • Grade 10 Violin – new class added for single concerto movement
  • Cello classes revised
  • Adult non-competitive solo class selections limited to 10 minutes
  • Senior Secular choirs – Barbershop and Non-Competitive classes added
  • Musical Theatre Selections - Thought must be given to the Festival’s focus on youth, venues and donors, when selecting the pieces to be performed.  It is expected that selections will not include profanity, vulgar or offensive language.  If the original piece contains such, the performer must alter the lyrics.
  • Voice – Self-accompanied Folk Song classes added
  • Voice clarification– Folk Songs may be used in Own Choice classes for 8 and under and 10 and under.  For ages 11 and up, Folk Songs can only be sung in specifically designated classes (not Own Choice classes). 
  • Provincial Wind, Brass and Percussion classes - memory not required










If you are entering multiple groups in this year's Music Festival, please be sure to register each unique group as a separate 'Participant'.


For example: Connaught St. School has one music teacher who would like to enter 3 different groups in classes:- Grade 1 Choir, Grade 2 Choir and Grade 3 Choir. For each of these unique choirs, the teacher should proceed to the 'Register Participant' page and complete each group profile - making sure that each group has its own unique name (i.e. Connaught St. School Grade 1 Choir).

Then, the teacher should select each participant separtely and proceed to the Ádd Class' page to add all classes for that one particular participant. We realize that this procedure is a bit tedious, but this is how the software is set up to function best.


Please DO NOT register the school name as one participant and enter different groups' classes under the school name.



Solo competitors in Grades 7 and up for instrumental and age 15 and up for voice must perform in one sight-reading or quick study class and two solo classes to be eligible for awards totalling $100 or more, unless otherwise stipulated by the donor. 

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