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2020 Syllabus
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2020 Syllabus
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2020 Syllabus
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  • Each Teacher needs to make their own profile

    • Need to share info with parents of their students

  • Parents need to make a profile

    • Need teacher ID to register their children

    • Need to create a profile for their children as well

  • Alternatively, Students can make their own profile but need their parents and teachers’ ID

    • Entrants under 18 years of age need to be linked to a Parent Profile.

    • All Entrants need to be linked to a Teacher Profile, unless they are Self-Taught.

  • Each accompanist needs to make their own profile

    • Need to share info with parents of their students

  • Deadline for Registration - January 29, 2020

  • When registering, please include complete information under “title”.  Examples:

    • The Toymaker           The Stepsisters' Lament (Cinderella)

    • Sonata in C major, op. 36, no. 5, mvts. 1 & 2

      • Do not include anything under “opus”.


If you are entering multiple groups in this year's Music Festival, please be sure to register each unique group as a separate 'Participant'.

The Teacher needs to click on the following when making their profile

  • Entrant’s Teacher
  • Discipline – Individual
  • Click on Menu
  • Click on “Linked Profiles”
  • Click on “Create a Group Participant Festival Profile”
  • Add each group separately – each group requires its own password
  • Smith Road Grade 1 Choir
  • Smith Road Grade 2 Choir
  • Smith Road Grade 3 Choir


Please DO NOT register the school name as one participant and enter different groups' classes under the school name.


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