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2017 Junior Concert Video
2017 Senior Concert Video
Fredericton Music Festival Committee Members

The Fredericton Music Festival is a registered, charitable, non-profit organization.  It is organized and conducted solely by volunteers.  The Objectives of the Fredericton Music Festival are:

To conduct an adjudicated music festival annually for both competitive and non-competitive classes, primarily for youth.

To promote the knowledge, study, and appreciation of music in the City of Fredericton and surrounding areas.

To encourage amateur musicians and composers.

To recognize merit through concerts, awards, scholarships and prizes.




2018 Schedule:

Junior and Intermediate Piano: April 16 – 19

Junior Voice and Musical Theater: April 16 – 20

Junior Strings: April 18 – 20

Senior Voice: April 22 - 25

Senior Strings: April 22 – 25

Senior Piano: April 23 - 26

School Choirs: April 23 – 27

School Bands: April 23 - 26

Winds/Brass/Percussion: April 23 – 26

Detailed schedules will be emailed to teachers in early March.


Junior Marking System - NEW THIS YEAR

A Gold/Silver/Bronze marking standard will be used for the following Junior level classes:

Piano – up to and including preparatory level (ages 8 and under)

Voice and speech arts – ages 8 and under

Strings – up to and including introductory level (ages 8 and under)

All competitors at these levels will receive a certificate with a gold, silver or bronze seal to represent the standard achieved for that particular performance.  The Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates do not indicate 1st, 2nd or 3rd place standing.


2018 Adjudicators:

Junior Piano – Gary Tucker

Intermediate Piano – Jennifer King

Senior Piano – Marlene Finn

Junior Voice/MT – Christopher Lane

Senior Voice/Choirs – Vicky St. Pierre

Junior Strings – Mary Elizabeth Brown

Senior Strings – Katharine Rapoport

Bands/Winds/Brass/Percussion – Jim Tranquilla


APRIL 14 - 27, 2018



2018 Festival: April 14 - 27

2019 Festival: April 22 - May 3

2020 Festival: April 20 - May 1


2018 Junior Awards Concert - Wednesday, May 9, 7 pm

2018 Senior Awards Concert - Thursday, May 10, 7 pm



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