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2020 Festival: April 20 - May 1

2021 Festival: April 19 - 30





The Fredericton Music Festival is a registered, charitable, non-profit organization.  It is organized and conducted solely by volunteers.  The Objectives of the Fredericton Music Festival are:

To conduct an adjudicated music festival annually for both competitive and non-competitive classes, primarily for youth.

To promote the knowledge, study, and appreciation of music in the City of Fredericton and surrounding areas.

To encourage amateur musicians and composers.

To recognize merit through concerts, awards, scholarships and prizes.

Registration Deadline - January 19, 2020

2020 Fredericton Music Festival Syllabus has been posted online (Registration page)

2020 Provincial Music Festival syllabus has been posted online (Provincials/Nationals page)

NEW FOR 2020:

  • New software will be used for online registration
    • Class numbers indicated in the printed version of the syllabus will need to be revised
      • Add "0" to front of class numbers
      • Use 5 digit class number
      • Example - Use 02101 instead of 2101
      • An updated version of the syllabus has been added online and it includes 5 digit class numbers
  • Junior Strings classes will be held during the 2nd half of Week 2
  • All band classes will be held at Fredericton High School
  • All wind/brass classes will be held at Fredericton High School
  • Junior and Senior Award Concerts will be held at Fredericton High School
    • Junior  - Tuesday, May 12, 7 pm
    • Senior - Wednesday, May 13, 7 pm


APRIL 20 - MAY 1, 2019   


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