Fredericton Music Festival

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2018 Junior Awards
2018 Senior Awards
2018 School and Church Awards
Junior Concert video
Senior Concert video


2019 Festival: April 22 - May 3

2020 Festival: April 20 - May 1





The Fredericton Music Festival is a registered, charitable, non-profit organization.  It is organized and conducted solely by volunteers.  The Objectives of the Fredericton Music Festival are:

To conduct an adjudicated music festival annually for both competitive and non-competitive classes, primarily for youth.

To promote the knowledge, study, and appreciation of music in the City of Fredericton and surrounding areas.

To encourage amateur musicians and composers.

To recognize merit through concerts, awards, scholarships and prizes.


Junior Award of Excellence - Augusta Downey (voice), James Farhoud-Watt (brass), Angela Cai (strings), Maggie Zheng (piano)

Senior Awards of Excellence - Sarah MacLoon (voice), Nadia Ingalls (winds), Alicia Ingalls (strings), Yan-Ru Chen (piano)

APRIL 16 - 27, 2018


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